Medical Animation Market

Animation is an integral part of any medical technology, as it can deliver clear details about medical technology. The development in computer software and hardware with the efforts by various universities have developed a link between science and art, which led to the formation of a new generation of information, technology, and designers in the medical field for both scientific and medical illustration purposes. The combination of scientific analysis with high end computer graphics and animation capabilities is expected to take the medical sector to the next level of advancement. Rising prevalence of cancer followed by rising R&D activities using 3D animation technology for visualization d

3D Characters Used in Animations

When a human character is desired in a custom animation, animators will automatically use a pre-designed character template that is available for purchase. Rather than create a character from scratch, it is much faster and cheaper for the animator (and client) to use one of hundreds if not thousands of available mannequins. Once a character is selected, the appearance can be customized superficially. Such superficial changes that can be easily accomplished include: • hair color • hair style • skin color • nose size and shape • eye color • tattoos • clothing • musculature • height etc, etc. Should a client desire a truly customized character, be prepared to spend thousands of dollars more. To

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