3D Characters Used in Animations

When a human character is desired in a custom animation, animators will automatically use a pre-designed character template that is available for purchase. Rather than create a character from scratch, it is much faster and cheaper for the animator (and client) to use one of hundreds if not thousands of available mannequins.

Once a character is selected, the appearance can be customized superficially. Such superficial changes that can be easily accomplished include:

• hair color

• hair style

• skin color

• nose size and shape

• eye color

• tattoos

• clothing

• musculature

• height

etc, etc.

Should a client desire a truly customized character, be prepared to spend thousands of dollars more.

To get an idea of what such a library of characters and character animations look like, Mixamo (part of Adobe family), has a searchable database here.

When you hire an animator, ask them to provide a list of characters they currently have in stock for you to choose from.

If you truly do not like any of their current stock of characters, you may need to purchase one which may add to your expense.

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